I am shaped by many.. I am like many.. Many want me to be like them..
I have role models.. I am a role model.. Yet I am UNIQUE!

All of us, irrespective of our gender, age, profession, social or economic reality find ourselves in this never ending and everchanging pull and push created by the many roles we find ourselves in at all times. What is often even more complex is the multi-layered and multi-faceted identities we are located in; we have different social identities, cultural identities and role identities, all anchored in a multi-layered self identity. It is this core identity with its various manifestations and layers that determines how we essay our roles in our worlds.

Emotional identities

Our Identities invites you to a journey of discovery in this fascinating world of roles and identities which form the vibrancy, colouring pigment, texture and the canvas of how we experience our life... in the context of the past and the present.

How we experience our past today is determined by the meanings we gave to our experiences then and how we define them today.

Our programmes invite you to take a fresh look at the the many choices in your lives and empower oneself to make choices that rekindle your passion for life itself, not just your duties and responsibilities.

Reference: Understanding of Self & Identity

About Us

Human beings all over the world are guided by traditional,
pre-historic motifs, patterns and mythologies.
These form the DNA of the human spirit and behaviour.
Our very existence leads us to many questions...

Are you interested in knowing yourself and what could be the various identities that you operate from? Wish to understand and know more about those who are important to you a little more? Then you are at the right place!

We are an institution that works largely in the areas of Process Work, Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy & Organisational Psychodynamics.

We apply these principles of applied behavioural sciences & socio-technical systems in developmental training and organisational development. Anybody and everybody can benefit from participating in Process Work Labs, whether they participate as individuals responding to their inner calling or as employees nominated by organisations or institutions.

We are a group of professionals with an urge to seek more and explore further. Decades of experiential learning, knowledge and skills in the ongoing journey of Process Work and Organisational Psychodynamics place us and our associates in a unique position to offer an array of services to our developmental programme participants and organisational client systems.

One of our guiding principles of Process work is that whatever is happening in any given moment, however troublesome or disturbing it may seem, contains the seed for a meaningful process, that once unfolded can reveal its message and meaning. If we consider the possibility that each problem contains its solution, then those experiences that trouble us are not disruptive and destructive, but they also offer an opportunity for personal growth and finding of new meaning in one’s life and one’s experiences.

This immersive journey often brings inner peace and happiness of differing intensity for different individuals.

Our Team

Pallavi Naik

Pallavi Naik has been in the field of education since 2000 at Bangalore. Started off as a teacher in the primary section of Prakriya Green Wisdom school, she then worked as a coordinator in the same school. She is currently working as an Instructional Lead at The Samhita Academy in Bangalore, where she is part of the team that enables migration of classes to an online platform. Pallavi completed her PDP internship at Aastha Foundation in 2004 and now is an institutional member of this organisation. She attended the winter program at Sukrut’s ICC in 2015 and completed PCPICC offered by Tavistock Clinic UK & Sukrut India in 2016. She was a member of The India Conference 2019. Pallavi has varied and extensive experience of facilitating Labs with many educational institutions and corporate houses. Pallavi’s committment and dogged determination to apply learning in her life and work at all times makes her a valued and much respected Co-founder of Our Identities.

Uday Mazgaonkar

Uday Mazgaonkar has worked independently since 2004 in the field of Applied Behavioural Science and Outdoor Development Programs for the Educational and Organizational sectors. Uday has been actively involved in the study and application of Behavioural Sciences as an Institutional Member and the Programme Director for three Summer Programmes of Aastha Foundation for Human Learning & Growth. Has staffed several labs at IIM Ahmedabad & IIM Lucknow. He is part of the team that conducts an Advanced Leadership course at IIM Udaipur. He is also part of the Faculty team of the ICC programmes since 2015. He has also been a Staff Member in several Group Relations Conferences offered for MRPL and HPCL, in addition to having been an Administrator and Staff Member in The India Conference in 2015. Worked as an Associate Director for TIC 2017, 2019 & in 2021. Completed PCPICC offered by Tavistock Clinic UK & Sukrut. Holds the role of Conference Co-Director in 2019, 2020 & 2021 for Sukrut’s ICC labs.

Dinesh Korday

Dinesh Korday has been working in the field of Software Development since 1996. He started his career as a trainer in the IT sector in 1994. He worked in the field of Outdoor Development Programmes for the educational and industrial sector. Dinesh independently runs Modulus Software, an organisation he started in 2003. He was actively involved in The Himalayan Club for the past decade and was a member of the Managing Committee. He has completed his internship in Sukrut’s Inward Change Conference in 2019. Dinesh has completed his internship in the Professional Development Programme of Our Identities, and is co-facilitating Process Labs. He was a member of The India Conference 2021.

Core Belief

The contentment of the soil of one’s ‘being’ is
the source of success in the ‘becoming’.
Tend to the soil and a great crop is an inevitable outcome!

In today’s fast-paced world, the focus and the pressure on individuals of all ages is to ‘become’ someone. These processes of ‘becoming’ are the seeds from which our ‘role identities’ emerge. Our core belief is that the soil is our ‘being’ in which the seeds of the ‘becoming’ germinate to give us our many roles and identities. However, the soil of our ‘being’ is where our core identity resides.

We invite you to take a pause and look at a mirror and peer at the ‘being’ that you are, and reacquaint oneself with the disowned and often undiscovered ‘identities’ of the self, that form an essential part of your being.
Whatever difference our histories may have as individuals, as Humans we often encounter some questions; why am i the way i am? Why is my world the way it is? Why does this always happen to me? Where do i belong? Who, then am i?

Do you think the universe often conspires against you? Do you aspire for higher truth and meaning? Are you consumed by feelings of not being ‘understood’? At Our Identities, we do not shy away from encountering these questions. Almost everyone we know, goes through one’s life doing what one should do. We encourage one and all to pause now to look at what one might want to do!

We foster an environment that uses the medium of our lives and our unique experiences as the raw material for inquiry and learning – for others and for ourselves. This forms the central core of our engagement. An examination of our assumptions, beliefs, behaviours, emotions, experiences and the contexts we live in forms the platform of this engagement. In effect, we go back to the soil and tend to it and not just the crop that grows in this soil.
In our labs, a major objective is to provide an opportunity for people from different walks of life to take a pause and reflect upon themselves, their relationships, their roles in the various contexts they belong to.
To enable participants to do so, we offer a number of instructional sessions based on the work of eminent psychologists. Psychodrama, mythology, psychoanalytical structures help in keeping a well-established platform available to all members for exploration and learning.
In doing so, we will endeavour to equip you with a set of skills to explore further for oneself and for others.

Through a gentle and discourse free journey that explores the concept and constructs of one’s identity and the interplay of the self and it’s deployment in various roles, our objective is to help you:

  • To engage with yourself in a journey to rediscover the self and make friends with one’s own image.
  • To discover your various ‘identities’.
  • To get in touch with and rekindle inner desires that may have fallen to the wayside in the growing up and ‘becoming’ processes.
  • To connect with co-participants from diverse walks of life with varied experiences.
  • To resolve issues in your personal and professional areas.


Acknowledgement of every unique i allows us to recognise our collective identity.
Utterly ordinary individuals build extraordinary communities.

Programmes:: Individuals

Personal Growth Laboratory (PGL)

These are open to anyone who wishes to attend. The PGL is an intense immersive experience that often leads to life-changing discoveries of the self.

The lab typically offers participating members an environment of non-judging exploration of the self and one’s own psychosocial history. This can lead to a better understanding of the past in a ‘here & now’ context. Explorations are taken to the next level of awareness that makes it possible to look at the tensions that exist between the self and the several roles that each one of us essays in our professional and personal lifespaces.

We use several structures based on the work of Sigmund Freud, Erik Erikson, Melanie Klein and often explore through the medium of psychodrama. This enable participants to understand their history in the larger context of personality and phychoanalytical theories which have a universal exceptance.

All participants are expected to make and submit a report of their experience and commitment to change.

Professional Development Programme in Psychoanalytical Interventions (PDP-PI)

This is a 2 phase Internship of two 6-day immersive labs, usually conducted twice a year.

Entry is by invitation only to Our Identities PGL participants. Interested individuals who have participated in Process Labs for at least one week may attend Phase-I after writing a statement of purpose.

The PDP-PI is intended for individuals who intend to take this work further, to increase their understanding and awareness of themselves and their identity patterns for self-development. This internship programme benefits professionals who intend to increase their sharpness for group diagnosis and an enhanced understanding of Organisational Psychodynamics for client systems.

There are two live projects that participants will be required to complete between Phase-I and Phase-II.

Upcoming Programmes

  • Personal Growth Lab (PGL) and Professional Development Programme in Psychoanalytical Interventions (PDP-PI) - Phase-I & Phase-II
    Dates:  21/23 - 28 July 2024      |      Details:   Download    .    Email    .    Registration form

Programmes:: Educational Institutions

Understanding Thresholds

This is a programme that helps students (we have offered these mainly to 2nd year MBA students) understand the nature of the many thresholds at this stage of their life and careers. Often these thresholds look like hurdles. We enable the students to look at these as staging points rather that hurdles to leap over.

A candid look at one’s history empowers them to take a ‘here & now’ look at their history and heritage. Past hurts, humiliations, deprivations are examined in the light of ‘current’ realities in a way that helps take stock of one’s own repertoire of choices and strengths / vulnerabilities. The vast universe of choices, both in action and I locating in the various role identities is explored.

We additionally use a set of Psychometric tools to give the participants a yardstick for themselves to return every once in a while, over the years.

We have often had students coming in for a PGL a few years after their lab in the college.

Team and Value Alignment Programmes

This is a popular programme for teachers in many schools.

The basic principle at play here is that what is inside [my experiences of life and work life till now] often colours the meaning that I give to experiences at work. When one is unaware of the far-reaching effects of this unseen phenomenon, large amounts of stress develop in the working environment, leading to a general loss of sensitivity towards both students and colleagues. Very often, then members of the institution start taking refuge in rules and systems in the place of human values in class and the staff room.

We have received a large amount of feedback telling us about the enhancement in the treatment of PTM’s, class handling, and general team bonding from several schools, especially in the interdepartmental communications.


Every question is relevant!

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Maharashtra. INDIA.


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