The contentment of the soil of one’s ‘being’ is the source of success in the ‘becoming’.
Tend to the soil and a great crop is an inevitable outcome!

In today’s fast-paced world, the focus and the pressure on individuals of all ages is to ‘become’ someone. These processes of ‘becoming’ are the seeds from which our ‘role identities’ emerge. Our core belief is that the soil is our ‘being’ in which the seeds of the ‘becoming’ germinate to give us our many roles and identities. However, the soil of our ‘being’ is where our core identity resides.

We invite you to take a pause and look at a mirror and peer at the ‘being’ that you are, and reacquaint oneself with the disowned and often undiscovered ‘identities’ of the self, that form an essential part of your being.
Whatever difference our histories may have as individuals, as Humans we often encounter some questions; why am i the way i am? Why is my world the way it is? Why does this always happen to me? Where do i belong? Who, then am i?

Do you think the universe often conspires against you? Do you aspire for higher truth and meaning? Are you consumed by feelings of not being ‘understood’? At Our Identities, we do not shy away from encountering these questions. Almost everyone we know, goes through one’s life doing what one should do. We encourage one and all to pause now to look at what one might want to do!

We foster an environment that uses the medium of our lives and our unique experiences as the raw material for inquiry and learning – for others and for ourselves. This forms the central core of our engagement. An examination of our assumptions, beliefs, behaviours, emotions, experiences and the contexts we live in forms the platform of this engagement. In effect, we go back to the soil and tend to it and not just the crop that grows in this soil.
In our labs, a major objective is to provide an opportunity for people from different walks of life to take a pause and reflect upon themselves, their relationships, their roles in the various contexts they belong to.
To enable participants to do so, we offer a number of instructional sessions based on the work of eminent psychologists. Psychodrama, mythology, psychoanalytical structures help in keeping a well-established platform available to all members for exploration and learning.
In doing so, we will endeavour to equip you with a set of skills to explore further for oneself and for others.

Through a gentle and discourse free journey that explores the concept and constructs of one’s identity and the interplay of the self and it’s deployment in various roles, our objective is to help you:

  • To engage with yourself in a journey to rediscover the self and make friends with one’s own image.
  • To discover your various ‘identities’.
  • To get in touch with and rekindle inner desires that may have fallen to the wayside in the growing up and
    ‘becoming’ processes.
  • To connect with co-participants from diverse walks of life with varied experiences.
  • To resolve issues in your personal and professional areas.