I am shaped by many.. I am like many.. Many want me to be like them..
I have role models.. I am a role model.. Yet I am UNIQUE!

All of us, irrespective of our gender, age, profession, social or economic reality find ourselves in this never ending and everchanging pull and push created by the many roles we find ourselves in at all times. What is often even more complex is the multi-layered and multi-faceted identities we are located in; we have different social identities, cultural identities and role identities, all anchored in a multi-layered self identity. It is this core identity with its various manifestations and layers that determines how we essay our roles in our worlds.

Our Identities invites you to a journey of discovery in this fascinating world of roles and identities which form the vibrancy, colouring pigment, texture and the canvas of how we experience our life... in the context of the past and the present.

How we experience our past today is determined by the meanings we gave to our experiences then and how we define them today.

Our programmes invite you to take a fresh look at the the many choices in your lives and empower oneself to make choices that rekindle your passion for life itself, not just your duties and responsibilities.